Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thank You! (and paper wanna-be fabric craftiness) :)

Wow. Thank You! If I had all the words in all the languages it wouldn't do justice to how much your outpouring of lovely comments and emails means to me. My heart goes out to those of you who share in this heavy grieving. I hope you find as much wise comfort in those beautiful messages as I do. I read and still re-read all of them with a brimming heart. Thank you!

To those of you who relate to my more general struggles like weight and emotional razzmatazz, I hope to share some things that have really helped me over the next little while (in between blog posts of craftiness 'cause I feel mojo sneaking up on me!) :)

I'd hoped to respond to you all individually, but many of you are "no reply" in blogger. So, I hope this small message in some way lets you all know how much gratitude I'm flooded with for you and your words of support and incredible kindheartedness. Thank you ever so much.

And in Craft-related happiness...

my Aunt and dear friend, Maggie, took me here...
(CreativeFest Spring 2016)

She's an astoundingly talented quilter & fabric artist... a decorator and all around ultra-creative lady. Creativfest was a blast to explore together & she's since opened my eyes even more to the wide world of fabric. (Uh oh! Another hobby full of multitudinous tidbits to hoard? Trouble!) ;) 

However, as you well know, paper has a firm hold of my soul, so I required a gateway "drug..." Cue the paper that wants to be fabric when it grows up & the magical substance that can fulfill that aspiration...

Konnyaku powder which is...

"...powdered Devil's Tongue root, a natural plant starch that, when mixed with water and applied by brush to paper, gives extra strength, waterproofing and memory to papers" (source). It seems to give paper a fabric-like strength so you can sew with it. Crazy, right?

I'm excited to take these handmade Japanese paper bits from paper scraps to quasi-quilt-like sewing project. I was thinking a purse or tote bag. Any ideas for a noob?

So, I'll let you know when I get my hands on other paper types (like plain old cardstock perhaps) what weird & wonderful things this magical powdered root schtuff can do. :) In the meantime, thank you again, oh so much, and happy creating!


Friday, May 20, 2016

On Loss and Love and Learning

Dear Friends,

First let me say I'm more sorry than I can say to have been so long away without reaching out to you. I had lost my way and I had lost my blog-voice while I was finding the route back to myself.

So much has changed over the last while: loss and love and learning. Foremost in my mind and heart is that my Mom, and very best friend, died in March unexpectedly from blood clots. (I still reach for the phone to call her and am learning how to try to find the comfort of her love in everything as I deal with her passing. I've been in Ontario since March taking care of things... I normally live in BC.) The grief has been harder than I could have fathomed, as you might imagine. Though the changes in rising to the challenge of taking care of everything, as her oldest child, have also brought new connections with old friends and countless beautiful awakenings. I've been surrounded with more support and love than I'd ever dreamed possible so as much as I'm trying to manage grief I'm also flooded with gratitude.

My Mom was my first blog buddy on here & she was always reminding me to foster the connections I was lucky enough to have found on here with you all... but I didn't know how to return to these pages. I had lost my files & felt I had nothing of value to share. I felt voiceless because of personal issues, and didn't want to get your hopes up with another false start of my revisiting blogging.

To be honest I have been using all of my creative energy for sometime now to recapture my health. I was battling depression, agoraphobia, weight, and social anxiety. Now I've since made friends with that side of myself in a very joyous way, but it can be a full-time job to do so naturally with healthy eating and exercise (as I know so many of you know intimately.) I was dealing with chronic pain & found I couldn't muster the strength to craft and photograph or create new digital work. But... over the last year I've slowly lost over 90 lbs and turned my life around from chronic illness to feeling oh so alive again. I've opened my heart to new friends and grown in many many ways. I finally feel ready to be creative, though I'm not sure what form that may take.

I just wanted to reach out and open my heart to you. I have been holding you in my thoughts even though I've been so quiet. I hope your days are filled with joy & creativity whatever form that takes for you and I hope to be able to reach out here every so often with a little something.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Happy World Cardmaking Day!

butterfly hello

"It's been so long now, but it seems that it was only yesterday. Ain't it funny how time slips away?"

Shocking, how time flies by while you're busy with quotidian things, isn't it? (All the apologies!) Things have been crazy here life-wise more and more good crazy, lately though. So... I figured I should finally pop out from under my rock to say hello and share a card!

This one is a simple one using some of my free ledger hexagon digital paper (that I touched up with a white gel pen to soften the lines and add tiny white dots for texture).

 There are two types: map & ledger...
with large, small, dark & light versions.

Other card details: The paper doily was dyed with black ink, spritzed it with Mr. Huey's Calico Shine spray, adhered with a glue stick and stitched it on with embroidery thread.

The butterfly was heat embossed using this Memory Box stamp (coloured with Derwent Inktense pencils and detailed with white gel pen and Copic multiliner.)

'Cocoa Bean Butterfly'

And the 'hello' speech bubble is an old fave,

Hope the world is treating you wonderfully.
& I hope to catch up with you again soon,