Tuesday, April 14, 2015

'Oh Happy Day' - CAS flower card

a day for daisies floral card

Another card with flowers. What can I say? It must be Spring! This floral image is a digital one from A Day For Daisies: Flowers in Bottles.

I filled the background of the image in Photoshop with a very pale patterned digital paper (to look like wallpaper) then printed it & coloured it with Copic Markers:

a day for daisies flowers - detail

The image is cut out so that the tallest flower pops out of the frame in the 'outside of the box' technique & it's mounted on some lined paper with foam tape for dimension. Quick and easy!

And the sentiment is from this sweet little Avery Elle stamp set:

Hope you're having the loveliest of happy days,

P.S. The dotted paper that I used to line the envelope is a free printable that you can find here.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Housekeeping - How to Download from Flickr (update)

Hey You Sweet People, You!

So you may have noticed that Flickr seems to have gone through a bit of an identity crisis lately, but I must admit that I'm rather pleased with their latest version of themselves. (Downloading should be much easier than it was at any rate).

Now, to download one of my free papers or overlays from Flickr you simply have to:

1) Click on the arrow icon.
2) Select 'original' for the best quality (or pick your size).
3) Choose 'save file' and then hit 'okay.


 There's a fully updated downloading tutorial, here, for anyone who wants more detailed instructions:


... and You can find all of my free paper sets on Flickr here:


This digital work is offered up for free, but mainly for personal use or handmade sale items only.
If you have any questions, please be sure to read my terms of use here or email me. Thanks!

Please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions at all. I'll be studying for a final exam for the next couple of days, but after that I'm all yours. ;)

Happy Creating,

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Silhouette Foil-leaf Resist (using cut-file remnants!)

silver and gold leaf sketch books

These silver & gold leaf notebooks came to be, because I'm a hoardy-mc-hoarder-pants. (In other words, I wanted to find some way not to waste the pretty remnant leavings of this floral silhouette cut file):

It's from the Silhouette Store
 American Crafts' Dear Lizzy Floral Card.

To make it all easier, I tried to cook up a way to use the remaining pieces left over from the cut file without having to tortuously pry each teensy piece from the cutting mat and stick them down one by one.

- use remnants from cut files 
I ended up using Silhouette Printable White Sticker Paper
to pull them up off of the Silhouette cutting mat:

 And adding silver and gold foil:
for a sort of resist technique...

The cardstock pieces give a nice relief or raised element against the thinner foil leafing:

step 3 use on a card or however you like - I adhered  mine to sketch books

 (Silhouette Foil-leaf Resist )

Step 1) Leave the remnants on the Silhouette cutting mat. Cut a piece of Silhouette sticker paper to the size of the area taken up by your lovely cut file remnants. (You could also try this with other sticker papers or adhesive papers to see what works).

step 1 press sticker paper onto remnants press to adhere then slowly peel away checking that u have them all

Step 2) Lay the sticker paper (sticky-side down) over the remnants. Press the sticker paper into the the pieces to be sure it is sticking to them. Then slowly peeled the sticker paper back, looking underneath to be sure the pieces are all stuck to the sticker paper.

Tip: If any pieces have escaped, simply lay it back down and press on the sticker paper again. Then proceed to peel the sticker paper away from the cutting mat.

step 2 lay leafing foil on sticky side press into it and brush away excess

Step 3) Lay gold or silver leafing foil onto the sticky side of the paper, press it down onto the adhesive using your fingers. Then simply removed the excess foil using a stiff stencil brush or a cloth.

Step 4) Use your sparkly paper however your heart desires. I stuck mine on some notebooks (after I used silver and gold metallic Sharpie markers to colour the tops of the notebook covers to match):

silver and gold leaf sketch books
Thanks for checkin' this out. Hope you have a gorgeous weekend!

Happy Creating,